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Couples Lesson

Couples Private Massage Lesson

One couple plus one therapist for a private massage session.  A romantic and loving way to share the power of touch with one another. 

During the couple’s lesson, you learn side-by-side, guided by the therapist.  We first review your goals to customize the lesson.  Whether it is chronic pain, fibromyalgia or learning a full restorative body routine, the class is tailored to the needs of the couple. 

You will be shown the proper body mechanics and techniques to allow you to work on each other carefully and safely.

$225.00 per couple  (please allow a minimum two hours for this class)


Research has found that a deep, healing massage triggers the release of certain chemicals in the body that help combat illness and speed recovery.  A good massage has benefits on multiple levels including physical, emotional, and physiological improvements in the body.